Thank you for giving A so much pleasure though music. I am glad I will have all these memories when he is gone.

Wife of a resident of a care home with dementia.

Thank you so much for what you do for my mum. I think it really makes a huge difference to her.

Daughter of a resident of a care home with dementia.

As I have said to you on several occasions, I am amazed at how the 5 sessions have worked with S in helping him to express his emotions. I really did not expect such a fast turnaround or a change in his behaviour so quickly. Thank you for your help it really has been wonderful to see and enjoy the change. Our house is definitely more peaceful thanks to you and the wonderful work you do, I cannot thank you enough, except for one thing though. S wants a set of drums for his birthday!!!!

From the mother of a 6 year old boy with emotional/behavioural difficulties

Thank you! You brought some life to this place!

From resident of a care home with dementia

I am in a quite happy place. I am so grateful for all your support to get there.

From a client using Guided Imagery and Music approach.

It is great to see that my husband is still here.

Wife of a client with mental health difficulties.

I am astonished with your patience and flexibility in order to enable my dad to do as much. It is great to see him smiling.

Son of a resident of a care home with dementia.

I would like to feed back a conversation I have had with J one of the families I support. I asked her if she has had her first guided imagery and music session yet and she replied in a sweet soft voice ‘Oh yes it was lovely thank you’ spoke about how she loved it she was made to feel very relaxed and did not know how you did it but got her to talk and answer questions whilst she was in a calm relaxed state. She said that she feels so much better in herself and is looking forward to the next session with you. I would just like to add that this mum has been very low after losing her husband and she felt that counselling she had previously had not really helped her and listening to her on the telephone I could tell in her voice that she was so happy and could sense a big smile on her face to have been part of the music therapy session.

From the support worker of a mother who suffered a bereavement